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Other Services


Along with savings, loans, and online services, Buffalo Conrail Federal Credit Union offers a number of other services to its members. These services are simply meant to help enhance your benefits as a member of the credit union and they are available to you either for free or at a minimal cost.

Visa® Debit Cards

Active Share Draft (Checking) Accounts are eligible for a credit union Visa® Debit Card, which can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted. The debit card also gives you access to your account from any ATM in the Visa® Network.

Visa® Credit Cards

Open accounts are eligible for a Visa® Credit Card, which an be used anywhere  Visa® accepted. The credit card can be used at any ATM in the Visa® network. A monthly statement is mailed to cardholders.

Direct Deposit

Social security, retirement benefits, and most companies offer direct deposit of your money. Your credit union will help you arrange to have your money deposited into your interest earning savings account or checking account. Your hard earned money will begin earning interest immediately.

Notary Service

Buffalo Conrail Federal Credit Union has employees that are able to notarize your documents. This service is free to all members of the credit union. Please bring your state- or government-issued identification such as your driver’s license or passport when you come in to have your documents notarized.

Discount Tickets

At Buffalo Conrail Federal Credit Union, we’re all about helping people. Our members receive valuable discounts on tickets to various establishments like Regal Cinemas and Delta Sonic Car Wash just for being part of our credit union family. You and your family can have some fun, and pay a little less while enjoying life.

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